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Pure Cacao Nibs
4 oz bag   $ 5.00

Deshelled roasted cacao beans broken into tiny pieces. Add to smoothies, yogurt, cereal and muffins for a healthy breakfast or daytime snack!

Pure Cacao Nibs
8 oz bag   $ 10.00

A larger bag of our popular cacao nibs. A spoonful a day really does keep the doctor away! A tasty alternative to an anti-oxidant pill!

Unsweetened Chocolate Bar
Single Origin,Shade Grown, Organic
1/2 lb   $ 10.00

Pure dark chocolate - nothing added, nothing taken away! Perfect for baking.
100% organic unsweetened chocolate-->

Chocolate Liquor Concentrate (makes 500ml)
35% alcohol, 70 proof

250ml Bottle   $ 15.00

Add equal amounts of liquor and sweetened condensed milk. Smooth and decadent - perfect for evening or after dinner. Refrigerate before drinking for best results.

Exfoliating Chocolate Bar
non-edible product   $ 3.00
Perfect for a luxurious home spa treatment.Rub on, rinse and enjoy silky smooth skin. This beauty bar in NOT EDIBLE and contains cacao husks/shells for the exfoliation process.

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