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A Little Bit of Chocolate Farm History

In 1996 Linda and Dave Cerutti purchased an abandoned cocao plantation on the shores of Dolphin Bay in Panama.

They were delighted to discover that their new plantation included the rare Criollo cacao tree which is native to Central America and the Caribbean islands. Representing only five percent of all cacao beans grown, Criollo is the rarest and most sort after cacao on the market.

The flavour of Criollo is described as delicate yet complex, low in classic chocolate flavour, but rich in secondary notes of long duration.

The Cerutti's set about rejuvenating the existing Criollo trees and began planting additional cacao as well as many beautiful botanical plants and trees on their 30 acre plantation. Their fifteen years of dedicated and careful eco-management has resulted in the Green Acres Chocolate Farm that continues to thrive today under new ownership.

How we are helping the environment

At Green Acres our objective is to be environmentally aware of our impact on the ecosystem, with a "live and let live" attitude. We rely on solar panels to provide a natural source of energy to run the farm. We collect rainwater, by utilizing water catchment tanks as our sole water resource. Trash is either burned, recycled or reused.

As well as our cacao trees, we grow and use all of our citrus, banana, coconut and noni trees as a food source, for resale or for cosmetic purposes.

All of our trees are kept intact. We realize and understand that cutting down a tree would result in a negative impact upon the delicate tropical ecosystem. Chemicals are not used on the farm to enhance the crops or cacao.

We pride ourselves in our 100% organic, shade grown, single origin cacao!

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